We have been receiving complaints from Residents regarding yard debris being placed in front of homes for several days prior to Thursday's regular pick-up day. The SMA DCCR"s clearly state that yard debris should not be put out for pick-up until the night (Wednesday) prior. If you have a large quantity of debris, you should contact Waste Management to schedule a time for pick up so the material does not sit in front of your home for days. The trash is very unsightly and detracts from our beautiful Community.

Contractors for Residents are responsible for removing their yard trash
after they complete the work for the Homeowners. Residents who fail to
follow this rule will be sent a written warning first. If this warning is ignored
the next violation of this rule will result in a fine being levied. If the fine(s) are
not paid our SMA Attorney will impose a lien on the home until the fine is paid
in full. We thank you for your cooperation.

Sugar Mill Board of Directors